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Shiv Sena, the devout shiv saitik left this world forever after leaving his last support position at thackeray



Ahmadnagar: A staunch Thackeray supporter slept through the night posting “Thackeray is our party and Thackeray is our symbol…”. It was his last message. While her post was getting likes, the news of her sudden cardiac arrest came in the morning and everyone was shocked. The death of Praveen Dattatreya Anbhule (32), a youth from Ahmednagar, was mourned by his friends in real life and on social media.

Praveen Dattatreya is from Ghumri village in Karjat taluka. Lives in Ahmednagar city for work. He got married recently. His family of mother, wife and brother. The village has agriculture. He was working as marketing manager of Solapur division of a company living in Ahmednagar. Dandaga public relations through physical travel and social media. Therefore, he has a large following on social media and in reality. Although he is a strong supporter of Uddhav Thackeray, he is his friend in all parties. Along with the party, he also actively participated in other social activities.

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The election commission’s decision came recently over the Thackeray-Shinde dispute. Shiv Sena Party and Symbol Commission gave to Shinde. Because of this, there is a backlash among Thackeray supporters across the state. Anubhule also commented on this. He wrote a message expressing his support and loyalty to Thackeray. A DP of the same text has also been preserved. There were reactions.

Meanwhile, he suddenly started in pain this morning. Chest pain and vomiting also occurred. So his wife transferred him to the hospital with the help of neighbors. However, he died before he got there. His friends were shocked when they heard this news.

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Anbhule was cremated in his home village. Many of his friends and family from across the state were present for the occasion. The feeling of losing a true friend was expressed at this time. This post by Anbhule has been tagged Uddhav Thackeray and Shiv Sena by many people. However, his reaction could not be understood.

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