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shivsena chief raghunath kuchik ‘If you have no income your character is seen’ Sena chief criticizes BJP – shiv sena chief raghunath kuchik criticizes bjp in pune shiv sena melava



Pune: After a large rebellion in Shiv Sena, the session of holding meetings and gatherings across the state continues from Shiv Sena to maintain party unity. Even in Pune, a great revolt is observed in Shiv Sena. As a result, a Shiv Sena rally was held in Pune under the leadership of Pune District Liaison Chief, Sachin Ahir. However, as Shiv Sena leader Raghunath Kuchik, accused of sexual harassment, was also on stage, everyone was watching what he said.

Raghunath Kuchik speaks publicly for the first time from Shiv Sena’s platform after being caught at the heart of the allegations, as attention is drawn to how he refutes the allegations made against him he has denied all the allegations and expressed the belief that this is all a conspiracy and that we will come out of this unharmed.

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Speaking at the rally, Raghunath Kuchik said, “BJP has troubled so many people. No leader has escaped from ED, no leader has escaped from CBI. I have not escaped defamation of personal character. I am the victim. I If you have no income, your character is watched. But, in times to come, I will emerge unscathed from all of this. Raghunath Kuchik expressed this conviction.

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What’s going on?

Shiv Sena leader Raghunath Kuchik has been accused by a young woman from Pune of sexually assaulting her and causing her to have an abortion. BJP leader and Maharashtra BJP vice-chairman Chitra Wagh got into it. She constantly presented her position on this issue. Because of this, state policy heated up.

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