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shivsena news, the chief of shivsena district in satara is shinde’s neck? A conspiracy through Purushottam Jadhav – indented for shivsena more than 100 shiv saitiks have joined the Shinde group, including 25 leaders of Khandala taluka



Saratar: In Satara, the Shiv Sena has another big rift and over 100 Shiv Sainiks, including about 25 members of the Khandala Taluka office, have joined the Shinde group. This admission includes former bureau members and it is seen as a blow to Shiv Sena in Satara. After former Shiv Sena leader Purushottam Jadhav joined the Shinde group a few days ago, it is seen that Jadhav started a fight by contacting other Shiv Sainiks.

After Purushottam Jadhav entered the Shinde group, many other bureau members are said to be on their way out of the Shiv Sena. Shiv Sainiks entered the Eknath Shinde group in Khandala yesterday. As of now, rebel MP Bharat Gogawle has assured that he won’t let you lose anything by contacting him via phone. Moreover, now the head of Shiv Sena district is also being discussed in Satara about the takeover of the Shinde group.

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Meetings of the leaders of the Shinde group with members of the Shiv Sena office in Satara are currently underway. For this reason, how many Shiv Sainiks will join the Shinde group is still a mystery. However, the Shinde group is trying to get as many Shiv Sainiks as possible from Satara district, which is the home village of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

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Purushottam Jadhav is reluctant. Also, taking advantage of Jadhav’s contacts with other district leaders, efforts have been launched to find out how officials in contact with him can be caught up in the network by moving him around the district. On the other hand, the strength of the Shiv Sena in the district seems to be diminishing. 3 district chiefs from Shiv Sena work in the district. Still, there is a picture of Shiv Sena in a big hole. It is said that there is a lack of coordination in the Shiv Sena district. Additionally, there is a discussion that the party’s contact leader is offline.

In the neighborhood, Shiv Sena lacks a face that can be aggressive and attract people. Currently, Shekhar Gore is the only aggressive face with the Sena. However, the party has not given him any responsibility yet. Therefore, Shekhar Gore is currently considered calm. On the other hand, in Koregaon constituency, it has been seen from time to time that there is a good force of youth behind Yuva Sena District Chief Ranjitsinh Bhosle. Therefore, the role of Ranjitsinh Bhosle will also be important. It will be interesting to see if Shiv Sena will hand Ranjit Singh Bhosle another big responsibility in the district.