Smuggling leopard skin for “easy money”; Search for two accomplices – three gangs of leopard skin smugglers arrested for easy money in Nashik

Smuggling leopard skin for “easy money”;  Search for two accomplices – three gangs of leopard skin smugglers arrested for easy money in Nashik

Nasik: It has been revealed that the desire for quick riches drives young college students to crime. In just a fortnight, three gangs were arrested for smuggling leopard skins from the neighborhood. A shocking fact has come to light that students are involved in these crimes. A youth and two students have been remanded in custody until Monday (26), while the search for the other two accomplices is ongoing. It is clear that these suspects have hatched a plan to steal and sell Chinkara, Nilgai horns as well as leopard skins to get rich quick.

Pankaj Garg, Conservator of Forests, Nashik West, has ordered a crackdown on wildlife trafficking. As a result, after Igatpur, the Nashik squad arrested three people from the College Road area on Tuesday evening. Of these three, two are students. They obtained leopard skin and chinkara, nilgai horns from the identity of the third suspect. Their preliminary investigation reveals a contraband racket. However, the father of one of these three is a guard at the forestry office. Therefore, the suspects are believed to have stolen the skins and horns from wildlife information and other media. In this case, it has not been resolved who the suspects bought the skin from. Therefore, the preliminary investigation revealed that they only chose this path to get rich quick by stealing.

Constant displacement

The suspects drove shoppers all day Tuesday. First meeting at 9:30 am and presentation of the leopard skin. After that, buyers’ money was assured. After that, buyers were called to the area of ​​Mahatmanagar Road, Mahatmanagar Maidan, Jehan Circle, Prasad Circle, Vidyavikas Circle, College Road every few minutes. Each time the place changed. Later that evening, the forestry team took them into custody as soon as they were flayed at Krishi Nagar.

Son of a guard, nephew of a policeman

One of the three suspects arrested is 27 years old, while the other two are in their twenties, one of whom is the policeman’s nephew. The suspect’s 27-year-old father is a guard at a Forest Department office. Because of this, the seriousness of this crime has increased and the forestry team is trying to get clues from the investigation within the department. Suspicious conversations were found on the cell phones of the three suspects. According to the investigation, he tried to sell to many people in six months.


– The leopard skin is probably 20 years old.

– One is studying pharmacy, the other is pursuing a B.Sc.

– The third has a law degree and does odd jobs.

– Three residents of Satpur, College Road, Untwadi.

– Try to sell for six months

– 20 lakh preliminary price fixed

– Obtained traffic information from YouTube, Facebook

The superstitious trade in wild animals with their organs also took place among college youth. These are very serious crimes under the Forest Act, and citizens should not get involved. The search and arrest process for other suspected smugglers is ongoing.

– Vivek Bhadane, Forest Range Officer


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