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solapur accident death of a farmer, road stop costing his life; Elderly farmer dies after dump truck crashes



Solapur: A stop on the road from Ranmasle to Bibi Darfal in North Solapur taluk claimed the life of an elderly farmer. Farmer Ananda Vishwanath Gard (67, Res. Ranmasle, Distt. Solapur) died after being run over by an oil tanker. An elderly farmer lost his life after being hit by a tanker carrying grain.

Due to the incident of a farmer being crushed under a water tanker, mourning has spread in the village of Ranmasle. A case was filed against the tanker driver at Solapur taluka police station on Thursday morning.

Stopping by the side of the road cost the old farmer his life

A case has been filed against tanker driver Ankush Arjun Senmare (34, Res. Narkhed, Dist. Mohol) on the complaint filed by Shubham Dayanand Gard (28). Police Sub-Inspector Lokre is investigating this incident further.

The name of the deceased farmer is Ananda Vishwanath Gard (67, Res. Ranmasle, Distt. Solapur). The deceased Ananda Gard was stopped at the roadside on the Ranmasle-Bibidarphal road. During this time, the driver of the tanker rammed into Ananda Gard.

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Delayed until taken for treatment

The elderly farmer was seriously injured in the collision with the tanker truck. The villagers admitted the elderly farmer to Chhatrapati Shivaji Sarvopachar Hospital in Solapur for treatment. But the doctor declared him dead before the treatment.
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The incident was recorded at the civil police station. Solapur taluka police station officials from rural police are carrying out further investigation in this regard. Deceased Ananda Gard is survived by his wife, two children, two daughters-in-law, a brother, a brother-in-law, grandchildren.

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