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Solapur: A young woman filed a rape complaint against a 22-year-old call-boy at the MIDC police station in Solapur. A case has been registered under Section 376, 376(2)(i), 66(e), 67(a) of the IT Act against Sanjay Bet (Rest. Solapur). It is alleged that Sanjay sexually assaulted the complainant in luring her into marriage. It is also claimed that the young woman wanted to marry the accused, but the young man, annoyed by her constant harassment, viralized her naked photos on social networks.

The young woman and the callboy had known each other for almost two years. Knowledge turned into love. The accused had sexual relations with her by enticing her into marriage. After that, naked photos of the girl were taken in the cell phone. As soon as the young woman decided to get married, she posted her naked photos on Facebook. Seeing this, the girl was shocked, but she dared to tell her mother what had happened. The girl and her maternal uncle filed a complaint on February 11 at the MIDC police station in the town of Solapur. The MIDC police filed this case at the Valsang police station.

Identity on Facebook

Sanjay Bet, a young man from Solapur, created his own ID on Facebook. He says “I’m a call boy”. I am ready to have a relationship’ clearly mentioning that he gave his contact number. A young woman fell in love with him even after leaking so much information. For two years she was in contact with Callboy as a friend. It is alleged that he raped the girl on January 13, 2022 while luring her for marriage. Her nude photos were also filmed in cellphones.

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The call boy was annoyed with the marriage arrangement

The victim girl arranged the marriage behind call boy Sanjay Bet. She demanded that we talk to the family and get married. But the accused refused to marry her and asked her to keep in touch. Sanjay had severed contact with the victim due to her repeated marriage proposals. A few months later, he called the victim. At this time, the girl refused to go with the call boy Sanjay. So he threatened to post the nude photo on social media.

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Finally, this call boy made nude photos go viral

On February 6, 2023, while the victim was at home, she consulted Sanjay Bet’s Facebook account. At that time, she realized that Sanjay Bet had uploaded the photos. A sticker is placed on the face to hide the identity. A threatening message is given below. At the sight of these photos, the ground moved under the feet of the victim. The victim bravely told his mother all the facts of what had happened. The mother and maternal uncle arrived at the MIDC police station in Solapur on the night of February 11 to comfort the victim and lodged a complaint. The police immediately registered a case and filed a complaint with the Valsang police station. The Walsang police are continuing their investigation.

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