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solapur crime news in marathi, mother beat me badly, unconscious as soon as Vicks was applied on my head; Before taking his last breath he said, Sagar…. – friend brutally beat him due to old argument end of young life solapur news



Solapur: A youth from Solapur has died suspiciously. The dead youth has been identified as Amir Khan Maulali Pathan (34, Poverty Alleviation Slum, Bijapur Naka, Solapur). On February 16, he left for work around 7 a.m. and returned around 10:30 a.m. At that time, his head ached very badly. What happened to his mother Saira Pathan? As he asked who had hit me, the young man fainted after replying that his mother had hit me a lot. After reading what happened next, the ground will shift under your feet.

According to reports, mother Saira applied Vicks on Amir’s head due to concussion. Due to excruciating pain, Amir was immediately admitted to Solapur City Government Hospital for treatment. Amir Khan Pathan died on the evening of February 16 while undergoing treatment. Amir Khan Pathan had taken the name Sagar before his death. Based on this, the police investigated and registered a murder case against Sagar Chandanshive and two others who were with him at Bijapur Naka Police Station late on the night of February 19.

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Hold the grudge of an old fight and beat it.

Amir earned money for his family. Bijapur Naka Slum was to live here with his older brother, Vahini and his mother. On February 16, he left home to find something to do. On Bijapur Naka Road, Amir was beaten in the head with a bamboo stick by 3 men, harboring a grudge against an old feud. Bamboo was hit inside the head. He went home in pain and told his mother that he had beaten me a lot.Crime Diary: Lake burned while doing black magic, three sentenced to death; But the body is missing…

As soon as he said that, he fainted. Mother Saira applied Vicks to his head when he said he had a headache. Around noon on February 16, brother Nasir Pathan admitted Amir to the government hospital for treatment. On February 16, around 6:30 p.m., Amir died during treatment. On February 19, a murder case was registered against 3 people at Bijapur Naka Police Station based on the complaint filed by the relatives.

Before dying, Amir named Sagar….

When Amir came home on February 16, he said that my mother had beaten me a lot. When asked who killed him, Amir took the name Sagar. Amir’s relatives informed the police. Amir did not say anything in detail before his death. After that, the police started an investigation on Sagar’s behalf. A report was filed at Bijapur Naka Police Station that Sagar Chandanshive and three others beat him after finding out the exact reason for the murder. Amir’s mother, while briefing the media, said she demanded strict measures to arrest my son’s killers.

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