Solapur News, VIDEO: Shocking funeral procession carried through the water of the river itself stunning video of solapur akkalkot

Solapur News, VIDEO: Shocking funeral procession carried through the water of the river itself stunning video of solapur akkalkot

News from Solapur: In Pitapur village of Akkalkot taluk of Solapur, since the cemetery of the Muslim community is across the river, the citizens of the Muslim community made a dangerous journey across the river for many many years to perform their last rites. Such a heartbreaking incident was revealed today.

VIDEO: The last journey is difficult, funeral procession through the floods of the river, heartbreaking video

Strong points:

  • Funeral procession across the river as the cemetery is across the river
  • A mind-numbing type of Akkolkot taluk from Solapur
  • The cremation was performed on an empty barrel from the river
Solapur: A mind-numbing incident has been revealed in Pitapur village of Akkalkot taluka. Since the Muslim community cemetery is across the river, for many years citizens of the Muslim community have made the perilous journey across the river to perform their last rites. A similar incident was observed today August 9 in the Harna River. The body of Noor Saib Ali Bhandari (45, from Pitapur, Akkalkot district of Solapur) was pulled from an empty barrel by villagers and removed from the river. The video of this incident is currently making the rounds on social media.

The request for a bridge over the river has been pending for many years

The villagers of Pitapur in Akkalkot taluka asked the administration to build a bridge over the river. But so far, no bridge has been built across the Harna River. Every year when the monsoons begin, the Harna River overflows. The deer began to sink. Therefore, the citizens of Pitapur rely on empty barrels to cross the river.

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Muslim cemetery across the river

The population of the Muslim community of Mouje Pitapur is around two thousand. If one of these people dies, they must cross the river to be cremated. During the rainy season, the last rites must be performed. Only those who can swim carry the corpse across the river. A small name is created from an empty barrel. After completing all the rites, the corpse is wrapped in a garland and floated to the river and placed on an empty barrel and taken to Pohot Muslim Cemetery for cremation.

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