Solapur Suicide News; A mother committed suicide with her daughter

Solapur Suicide News;  A mother committed suicide with her daughter

Solapur: A woman and her 3 year old daughter committed suicide by hanging herself in Korvali at Mohol taluka between 6pm on Monday. Following this incident, Solapur district was shaken and the names of My Lekki dead are Preeti Vijaykumar Malgonde (25 years old) and Arohi Vijaykumar Malgonde (3 years old). The police detained the woman’s husband in this case. Fortunately, the boy narrowly escaped the incident.

According to information received from Kamti Police, Preeti was married to Vijayakumar Malgonde from Koravli 5 years ago. After marriage, Preeti and Vijayakumar lived on their farm. They had two children, daughter Arohi and son Basavaraj. The dispute began between the Malgonde spouses for a year and a half. Her husband Vijaykumar beat and physically and mentally abused his wife Preeti.

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Beating his wife for calling his brother

A couple, Preeti and Vijayakumar, came to the Mahadev temple in the village at 10 a.m. on Monday August 8 and offered Abhishek. On Monday afternoon, Preeti called her brother Mallinath (Rest. Hattur District, South Solapur). This led to a bitter fight between husband and wife. After that, the argument ended and Vijayakumar threatened Preeti by beating her with a whip and a shoe. Threatened, he went to the farm to bring poison to the animals.

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The boy survived briefly

Tired of her husband’s constant harassment, Preeti took the extreme decision to kill herself. Her daughter Arohi (age, 3 years old) and son Basavaraj (age, one and a half years old) committed suicide by hanging themselves with a sari on an iron angle of a sheet at their home. Meanwhile, his son Basavaraj’s life was saved as the gallows did not fit properly. He was admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

A case was registered at the Kamti police station

Mallinath Rajashekhar Mangrule (Rest. Hattur Dist. South Solapur), brother of deceased Preeti, filed a complaint at Kamti Police Station that Vijaykumar Malgonde committed suicide due to the constant beating and mistreatment of my sister. After that, the police arrested the accused husband.


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