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special bus for holi, went to Konkan on Holi? 270 st special bus ready for holi to go konkan



Mr. Ta. Representative, Mumbai: As there are only a few hours left for the colorful festival of Holi, preparations are underway to celebrate the festival in all parts of the state. Chakarmani has been prepared for Shimgya in Konkan and special trips have been prepared with the regular trains of Railway-ST for their convenience. About 70% of these ST train reservations have been made, and the special train trips have also received an excellent response.

ST Corporation has decided to operate 250 special buses with regular trips to Konkan this year. The reservation of all these trains is over. 20 additional trains were also fully booked due to increased passenger response. 78 trains were opened for group booking. Of these 21 trains have been reserved. 78 trains have been booked from Mumbai and 104 trains from Thane.

Direct bus services will be available for passengers from Mumbai Central, Paral, Kurla, Borivali, Thane, Vasai, Nalasopara and Panvel bus stations to Khed, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Sawantwadi and Malvan areas in Konkan. The special Holi ST trains started from Friday and the trains will be available for the return journey until March 12.

During the holiday season, the number of passengers increases to a large extent. Private bus owners extort money from passengers by raising ticket prices. For this reason, ST’s special trains will be a relief for passengers. ST Corporation has informed that in addition to special trains, regular trains will also be available according to the schedule.

Trains whose reservation has ended

Department – Bus ST

Mumbai – 78

Thanks – 114

Palgar – 54

Raigad – 24

Total – 270

(Source – ST Corporation)

Konkanis prefer ST only

After the Ganapati festival, the Holi festival is also a very intimate subject for the Konkan Chakarmanyas. Many people from Mumbai, Thane, Palghar travel to their home town of Konkan with their families for Holi. ST is closer to Konkan Chakarmanyas than any other transportation facility. Because he takes them straight to their mansions. For this reason, ST is preferred by employees, senior officials said.


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