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st crash, ST crash session continues, major crash at Solapur, more than 35 injured, urgent orders from CM – solapur st bus accident overturned bus over 35 passengers injured cm eknath shinde gave order to well take care of them



Solapur: Solapur-Gangapur ST bus encountered an accident on Akkalkot-Maindargi road. It is reported that more than 35 people were injured in this accident. This big accident happened around 10:30 am when the bus overturned near the Deshmukh farm on the Akkalkot – Maindargi road. It is reported that around 70 passengers travel on this bus. According to the information received, the condition of four to five passengers is critical. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde took the matter seriously and ordered the injured to be immediately transferred to nearby hospitals.

Chief Minister Urgent Orders for Administration

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde learned about the accident which happened on the Gangapur ST bus near Akkalkot this morning. The administration was instructed to immediately transfer injured passengers to Akkalkot or nearby hospitals and arrange for appropriate treatment. As soon as the Chief Minister learned of the accident, he took information from the ST Corporation and the police and gave instructions to make arrangements for the injured as well as the other passengers.

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ST overturned, 35 passengers injured

This morning around 10:30 a.m., a major accident took place when this ST overturned near the Deshmukh farm on the Akkalkot – Maindargi road. No less than 70 passengers traveled in this ST. Among them, more than 35 passengers were injured. Among them, 30 patients have been transferred to Solapur Government Hospital, other patients are undergoing treatment at Akkalkot Rural Hospital and two are undergoing treatment at a private Akkalkot Hospital.

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Briefing of MPP Sachin Kalyanshetty to Chief Minister

After the accident, MPP Sachin Kalyanshetty called Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and informed him about the accident. The chief minister promised to help those injured in the crash. District collectors were also instructed to immediately visit the injured and submit information. Akkalkot MP Sachin Kalyanshetty informed that the Chief Minister had promised to hold a meeting soon to settle the issue regarding trauma care.

10 lakh aid announced for relatives of deceased passengers, chief minister instructs ST administration