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sudhakar badgujar, leader of thackeray group Sudhakar Badgujar imprisoned for a year for obstructing government work – nashik camp leader thackeray sudhakar badgujar imprisoned for a year and a half for obstructing government work



Nasik: Sudhakar Bhikaji Badgujar (45), a former corporal of the Shiv Sena Thackeray faction of Nashik, was sentenced to one year in rigorous imprisonment for obstructing government work and arguing with the deputy commissioner. Along with them, Dnyaneshwar Vasudev Badgujar (25 years old, resident of Savatanagar) and Rakesh Nimba Shirasath (30 years old, resident of Pathardi Phata) were also given the same sentence by the Nashik Court Supplementary Sessions Judge. Hit by Umeshchandra More. In this case, Badgujar was released on bail in accordance with the terms and conditions, and he will appeal the verdict to the High Court.

During the 2014 elections in Lok Sabha, weapons were found in the vehicles of these three defendants. While calling this into question, a case was filed at Nashik Ambad Police Station for obstructing the work of the then Deputy Police Commissioner and the then Police Inspector of Nashik Police Station. ‘Ambad.

According to Prosecutor Ravindra Nikam, this crime was proven against the Metropolitan leader of the Thackeray group, Sudhakar Badgujar and two others, and they were sentenced to one year imprisonment and a fine of five thousand rupees each under the section 353, and imprisonment for six months and a fine of one thousand rupees each under sections 37 and 135. gave

However, on the day of the incident, a total of thirteen cases of obstruction of government work were recorded. But all of those were acquitted and we were the ones who were punished, said Badgujar, the Metropolitan leader of the Thackeray group. Datta Gaikwad, Head of Co-Communications at Thackeray Group, has advised that we will be appealing this decision to the High Court.

It is our misfortune that the person for whom this case was registered is not with us today. We are Shiv Sainiks. We are people who obey orders. We were commanded by Uddhav Saheb, he is our candidate. It is our misfortune that we worked not once but twice, Dutta Gaikwad said, targeting Nashik Lok Sabha Constituency MP Hemant Godse.


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