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supriya sule i don’t know much about this, Supriya Sule’s explanation on Devdarshan after eating non-veg food – visit temple after eating non-veg food mutton ok ncp supriya sule answer on eknath shinde camp vijay shivtare objection



Supriay Sule visits temple after eating non veg | Supriya Sule interacted with the media in Pune on Sunday. This time he responded to criticism from Vijay Sivatare.

Supriya Sule eats non-vegetarian before visiting the temple
Supriya Sule went to temple after eating mutton, claims Shivtar

Strong points:

  • Is there anything wrong with eating mutton and going to the temple?
  • Supriya Sule Tour
  • Criticism of the deputy of the Shinde group
Pune: Currently, political opponents have raised a fury against NCP MP Supriya Sule over the issue of having Samish Bhojan and worshiping God. The head of the Shinde group, Vijay Shivtare, had shared a post on Facebook in this regard. In this post, Vijay Sivatare shared some photos of Supriya Sule. Based on these photos, Shivtare criticized Supriya Sule. Vijay Sivatare raised the issue of Supriya Sule’s visit to Bhairavnath and Sopankaka shrines after eating mutton in a hotel. Supriya Sule reacted to all this. Supriya Sule was speaking to the media in Pune on Sunday.
Sharad Pawar’s visit to Pune: Dagdusheth joined hands from outside, says Pawar, darshan from outside due to consumption of non-vegetarian food
On this occasion, Supriya Sule was asked about the criticisms made by Vijay Sivatare. Regarding this, Supriya Sule said that I traveled all over this region to know the problems of inflation, unemployment and water. So I really don’t know what Vijay Shivatare said. In this regard, media representatives briefed Supriya Sule on Vijay Shivtare’s statement. He said you ate mutton and went to the temple. Supriya Sule was also asked if there was anything wrong with going to the temple after eating mutton. Supriya Sule avoided talking about it much. I have very few studies on this subject. If you ask about inflation, economy, unemployment and water issues, I can talk about it, Supriya Sule tried to put a veil on the issue. Meanwhile, Supriya Sule’s office has issued a clarification in this regard. Supriya Sule had gone to a restaurant in Pune for a promotion, her office said.
Supriya Sule: Supriya Sule took darshan of Mahadev while eating mutton, comments by Vijay Shivtar of Shinde Group

What did Vijay Shivatare criticize?

Vijay Sivatare had shared some screenshots of Supriya Sule’s Facebook account on Facebook. He had said that Supriya Sule ate mutton in a hotel in Pune and then had devdarshan. Some photos from Supriya Sule’s tour can be seen in Shivtare’s post. First Supriya ate mutton at the hotel. Then I went to Bhairavanath temple and had darshan. So Mahadev went to the temple. Then the lights went through the ghat to Saswad. Had darshan of Saswadla Saint Sopankaka. Vijay Shivtare had commented that Ailavare Gyan Devo Sukhiya Jahla.

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