Swine flu cases discovered in Palghar, Maharashtra

Swine flu cases discovered in Palghar, Maharashtra

Palgar: Although the corona infection is under control in the state, another infectious disease has now emerged. The number of swine flu patients is increasing in the state, including in Mumbai. A serious case has come to light that 15 students at Girgaon Ashram school in Palghar near Mumbai have been infected with swine flu.

After the increase in rainfall, various diseases appeared. There has been an increase in the number of patients with gastro and malaria. However, swine flu patients began to be found in July. 11 cases of swine flu were reported in Mumbai in the first 17 days of July. Thus, 15 students from the Girgaon Ashram school were infected.

15 students at Girgaon Ashram school have been infected with swine flu. Students infected with swine flu were admitted to hospital for treatment and discharged from hospital after treatment.

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22 students were examined as students at the Boys and Girls Home at Girgaon Ashram School were ill. Among them, 15 students including 14 girls and one boy were found to be infected with swine flu. Three students were found to have dengue fever and the other students to have a viral infection.

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The condition of the students who contracted swine flu is stable after treatment and as a precaution they have been kept in isolation in the hostel. There are 228 boys and girls in the hostel and they are undergoing medical examination and as a precaution students in the hostel have been banned from attending school.

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