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terrible accident in pune, terrible accident of the car of the faithful who went to the darshan of Balumama palkhi; Tractor wheels broke – terrible pickup truck and tractor accident in pune many injured people returning from balumama palkhi tal



Pune: Devotees from Karmala had come to Karandi in Shirur’s taluk to offer food and religious rituals at the base of Balumama’s palanquin. As they were returning home from a religious event, a jeep and a tractor collided head-on at Dahiwadi Ghat on the Nahavre-Talegaon Dhamdhere road. Eight people were seriously injured in this accident. The collision was so horrific that both vehicles sustained significant damage.

Rajshree Anna Chopde (40), Shruti Durgade (30), Shobha Parameshwara Mahanwar (55), Meena Waghmode (45), Savitri Ashish Patil (40), Rupali Anna Keskar (30), Kavita Yuvraj were killed in this accident. Borate (35), Anjali Maharanor (7) were seriously injured and are being treated at a hospital in Shikrapur. All of the above are residents of Karmala Solapur district.

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The information received in this regard is that devotees of Karmala in Solapur district had come to Balumama palanquin base staying in Karandi at Shirur taluka to perform food pangat and religious rituals. After the completion of the religious ceremony, on the way back, the van left for Karmala.

In the Dahiwadi Ghat on the Nhavre-Talegaon Dhamdhere road, there was a head-on collision between a pickup truck and a tractor coming from the direction of Nhavre. In this accident, the tractor driver drove his vehicle in the wrong direction. In this accident, the van overturned and the tractor’s rear wheels broke and fell to the side. In addition, other parts of the tractor also suffered significant damage.

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As the nature of this accident was serious, both vehicles were wrecked and sustained heavy damage. After the accident, the tractor driver escaped the scene. Panchnama of this incident was done by Nhavre Police Remote Kendra staff.