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the father died on the day of the exam, Tukaram gave a math paper keeping his father’s body in the house, the mother sent him for the exam



Solapur: A heartbreaking incident took place at Huljanti in Mangalvedha taluk. Since it was a math homework, the students in class 12 had prepared a lot. But on the very day of the newspaper, that is, this morning, the student’s family fell into a mountain of grief over the sudden passing of his father. Eventually the son made up his mind and kept his father’s body in the house and first gave a math paper and then lit a mukhagni over his father’s dead body. Villagers in Huljanti village expressed their grief over the incident. The student’s name is Tukaram Kalappa Ruptakke. His father’s name is Kalappa Aba Ruptakke (60 years old). He died this morning.

The mother sent the child to the newspaper to avoid school loss

The atmosphere in the house changed after the sudden death of her father on Friday. The mother encouraged the child and kept the body in the house so as not to harm the upbringing of the child and sent him for the 12th examination. Relatives also encouraged Tukaram. Advised to go on paper first. Then Tukaram Ruptakke faced the test with a rock on his head. And went home in the afternoon after giving the math homework.

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Cremation performed after completion of math paper

Tukaram gave the math paper first and went home after completing the paper. Mukhagni was given at his father’s funeral. Relatives had also delayed the child’s funeral until noon. Mourning had been widespread in the village of Huljanti since the morning. Many students from the village show up for the 12th exam. The villagers also make special efforts to avoid any form of disturbance when examining students. Kallappa Aba Ruptakke (60) from Huljanti was cremated in the evening. Tukaram gave the math paper despite the mountain of grief falling on the house. And it also turned out to be a test of Tukaram’s courage. There is already a lot of stress on students’ minds during exam time. Not only the students but also the families are under pressure. Suddenly, a tragic incident occurs and everyone gets a big shock. But Tukaram was able to cope with the difficult situation because his family gave him courage.

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