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the forestry department rescued a deer, the deer fell into the well, the forestry department staff rescued the deer from the well



Nanded: A small deer fell in the Datta Pohekar well in the forest area which falls under the Islampur forest area of ​​the district. This incident took place on January 24 around 2-3 p.m. The citizens gave the cub to the forest department of Islapur to save it.

Islapur Forestry Division Forestry Officer Sachin Dhange and VS Gudde Ranger Akbar Syed rushed to the scene. To save the deer, Ranger Sachin Dhange and Ranger V. Under the guidance of S. Gudde, Ranger Akbar Syed risked his life and descended into the well and rescued the baby deer to safety.

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The frightened little deer was first controlled and released safely into the deer habitat. At present, the water bodies in some places in the forest have dried up. Therefore, wild animals run towards human settlements in search of water. Such a herd of deer had come to this area. A young deer from this herd accidentally fell into Pohekar’s well.

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As it is now very cold, this puppy lying in the well was frozen. Local farmers notified the Forestry Department of the incident and immediately the Forestry Department team rushed to the scene and removed the dead deer from the well and revived it. Conservator of Forests KG Jadhav VS Musale provided valuable assistance on this occasion. Farmers from Shet Shivara were present on this occasion. The Forest Department was praised for saving the life of the little deer.

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