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the mass self-immolation on Republic Day; There was a sensation in the city – attempted mass self-immolation as the republic day program was underway



Dust: After hoisting the flag in front of the collector’s office on the occasion of the Republic Day, the citizens of the mill area attempted to set themselves on fire en masse in front of the collector’s office Dhule. This time, thanks to the vigilance of the police, a major calamity was averted.

Citizens of Chitod Road Mill area of ​​Dhule City have lived in Mala of Tulsabai for 35-40 years. In order to obtain the rights to the houses in which they lived, they had repeatedly demanded the Dhule Collector, the Municipal Corporation Commissioner and the Land Records Office. However, since the administration ignored their request, these citizens notified the District Collectorate on Republic Day of the self-immolation.

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After hoisting the flag on the occasion of Republic Day at Dhule Collectorate today, the citizens of Mill area came to Dhule Collectorate and shouted slogans and tried to set themselves on fire by pouring themselves diesel on themselves. At that time, police stationed outside the collector’s office arrested the protesters and attempted to snatch the diesel bottles from them.

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A few protesters outside the office attempted to set themselves on fire by pouring flammable liquid on themselves and were immediately arrested by the police. A great catastrophe was thus avoided. All protesters were arrested by Dhule town police.