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the off-season rain hits in the kalwan satana, the onion cried, now the off-season rain crisis; Unseasonal rains hit kalwan satana in nashik district



Nasik: Unseasonable rains hit rural areas of Nashik today. Due to the weather change of the past two days, rain was expected in parts of the district. In the district’s Baglan Belt, Satana Kalwan and a few other places received unseasonal rains. In Dhule district, unseasonal rains also occurred in Shirpur, Sakri taluk in rural areas.

Light rains in the Satana region of Kalwan, while in the western belt of Kalwan, the regions of Amburdi, Chankapur and Bordaiwat were heavily affected by unseasonal rains. Mango, wheat, gram, lentil, pea and onion growers have been hit hard by this unseasonable rain. Due to unseasonable rains, winegrowers are also worried in some places.

The sudden change in climate has greatly affected agricultural crops. Already some vegetables like onion, leafy vegetables, cabbage are not getting a good price in the market, so farmers are upset. In addition to the unseasonable rains today, farmers have become more worried due to the Sutlan crisis as well as the Asmani crisis.

Due to the rains in the Satana Kalwan area of ​​rural Nashik, the wheat and gram crops that came for harvest literally fell asleep. The Farmer King was upset because he didn’t get the vegetable price sooner. Now, once again, due to unseasonable rains, he is in trouble.

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Out of season rain warning

Apart from Konkan, Maharashtra is expected to receive light rains in isolated places until March 8. The possibility of a hailstorm is also forecast on Tuesday March 7th. Unseasonal rains are forecast for the next two days in rural areas of Nashik district. Rain is likely in Nashik district until March 8.

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