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the suspect committed suicide by jumping from the train – the suspect committed suicide by jumping from the train



Mr. Ta. Representative, Nashik

A suspect in the crime of burglary has been arrested by Kandivali police of Uttar Pradesh. While being transported to Mumbai, he attempted suicide by jumping off the train before Manmad station. After being treated at Manmad, he was admitted to Nashik District Hospital. Suspect Tabarak Rayani alias Chanka (40) died there and a sudden death was reported to Sarkarwada police.

A case of burglary was registered at Kandivali police station at Brihanmumbai police station. According to secret information, their investigation team has reached Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh. The suspect was taken into custody from there. After that, the team left with the suspect from Pushpak Express. At the time, Assistant Police Inspector Sohan Kadam, Constable Anil Jaitapkar, Ravindra Raut and Suraj Kesarkar were with the suspect. The suspect went to the toilet before arriving at Manmad station around 5 p.m. Thursday (21). Kesarkar, the clerk, was standing outside. When Kesarkar emerged from the train toilet, he was shocked by the signs within reach. Immediately after that, he jumped out the door and down the rail. He was admitted to Manmad rural hospital with serious head injuries. On Friday (22), he was admitted to Nashik District Hospital as his condition worsened. But, he died late at night. According to information from the Kandivali police, the Sarkarwada police reportedly recorded a sudden death in this case. Police sources said no further action has yet been taken in the matter.