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tirupati balaji mandir, 9 people went for devdarshan, but only 5 will return; An accident did not happen! – 5 out of 9 friends died returning to solapur city after visiting tirupati balaji mandir



Solapur: A Tavera car of young people from Solapur town who traveled to Tirupati for Balaji darshan met with a terrible accident. In this accident, four young people from Juje Solapur died instantly. In addition, five other people were seriously injured. The police informed that the four people namely Arthav Tembhurnikar, Mayur Mathapati, Rishikesh Jangam and Ajay Lutte have passed away. The accident happened on the main Naidupeth-Puthlapadu highway at Chandragiri mandal around Wednesday evening.

The twins, nine friends of Janaki Nagar in Solapur, had taken a Tavera quad to visit the Tirupati Balaji temple. Returning with darshan, Mr. H 12 PH 9701 hit the divider. In this accident, four friends who were sitting in front of the vehicle were killed instantly. The accident was so severe that the front of the Tavera vehicle was crushed. Photos and videos of the dismembered bodies on the road have gone viral on social media.

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After receiving information about the accident, the injured were immediately transferred to Ruia Hospital in Tirupati by ambulance. One of the injured is reported to be in critical condition. As soon as the relatives of the dead and injured in Solapur learned of the accident, they left for Tirupati.

Chandragiri Police has registered a case related to this accident and the investigation is ongoing.

Friends used to go to Tirupati every year

Every year these friends used to visit Tirupati Balaji in Andhra Pradesh. All these friends had planned to go to Balaji on January 23 as well. They set off with the Tavera car and reached Balaji safely. But while returning with darshan, there was a terrible accident. These young people have completed their training at the VVP Engineering College. Janki Nagar at Twin Solapur is home to all like-minded friends. Mourning spread throughout the Janaki Nagar region on Thursday due to the accident.