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transfer online, the name of the deceased teacher in the transfer list too? In the online teacher transfer process, the deceased teacher’s name is also in the list



Mr. Ta. Vritseva, Palgar: The shadow of confusion in Palghar Zilla Parishad Primary Education Department online transfer process has been exposed. The system topped this list by replacing the teacher who died two months ago. In this way, the administration of the education department was well managed

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The process of change within the Zilla Parishad Primary Teacher District continues. This transfer process is implemented through an online system. For this process, it is necessary to give appropriate information to the concerned teachers from the education department, but it is seen that there is a lot of confusion in this process from the education department. In this transfer, it appeared that teachers of English and Gujarati mediums were not allowed to fulfill their preferences. According to the rules of these circles, about thirty schools are required in the borough for the transfers. For lack of any, the substitute teachers concerned were unable to complete the files. So we see that we have done them injustice. Other than that, some teachers did not request a transfer but their names appeared in the online list.

The system also made this transfer of the teacher who died two months ago in the process list. The name of the transferred teacher is Babu Digha. He died on December 13, 2022 following a heart attack. Jawhar Group Education Officer Amol Jangle had to send the information about this teacher’s death to the education department of Palghar Zilla Parishad. Questions are raised as to whether they sent it, if so, whether it was ignored by the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, when contacted in this regard, Jawar’s group education officer, Amol Jangle, declined to provide information.


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