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tushar kamthe bjp, Chinchwad by-elections: shock for BJP with few days left for poll; Chinchwad by election a setback for BJP with few days left for poll Tushar Kamthe to join NCP



Print: Against the background of the by-elections, political events began to occur on a large scale in Chinchwad. With just days to go until the election, shocking news is coming from within the BJP fold. Former Corporal Tushar Kamthe, who recently defected to the BJP, will join the NCP. Kamthe’s entry into the Nationalist Party amid the parliamentary election frenzy is said to be a headache for the BJP.

Tushar Kamthe left the BJP on February 15. It is reported that Kamthe will join NCP tonight. This will help increase the power of NCP in Chinchwad. Kamthe had resigned from his post a year ago. Since then, he has not been considered in the party. Moreover, he received no responsibility from the party. Therefore, he finally decided to quit the party and join the NCP.

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In the 2017 municipal elections, Tushar Kamthe was elected from Pimple Nilakh’s BJP. But he was very upset with the local BJP leadership. Tushar Kamthe had taken an aggressive stance claiming to root out corruption from the Municipal Corporation. For this reason, he was at odds with the party leaders.

In this context, Tushar Kamthe left the BJP after the campaign started to heat up on the occasion of the Chinchwad by-election and now he will join the NCP. Therefore, NCP will benefit greatly. Tushar Kamthe has supported the voters in the ward and I assure you that you will support me in the future as you have supported me so far, and your trust will not be broken, Kamthe said.