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TV9 Marathi Special Report VIDEO: Aurangabad’s name change to Sambajinagar still under consideration, Central Government Bombay High Court informed – Aurangabad’s name change to Sambajinagar still under consideration, informed bombay central government high court marathi news tv9 marathi special package



The opposition became aggressive due to the central government’s response to the renaming of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar. The information provided by the central government to the Bombay High Court regarding the renaming of Aurangabad. So for now, there are signs that the decision to change the name will be delayed.

At the last cabinet meeting before the collapse of the Mavia government, Thackeray approved 3 name change proposals. These 3 proposals were Sambhajiganar from Aurangabad, Dharashiv from Osmanabad and DB Patla’s name for Navi Mumbai airport.

The Shinde-BJP government declared the decision invalid. Again, the proposal was approved with some modifications. Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar of Aurangabad, Dharashiv of Osmanabad and the airport of Navi Mumbai are named after the leader of the DBPatil people.

The proposal to change the name of a city is first forwarded to the local municipality, the tehsil office, then to the state government and finally to the central government for final decision. This means that any state government or municipality has the right to propose a name change only. No decision to change name.

Similarly, the government of Maharashtra has sent the two name change proposals to the Centre. But a petition has also been filed in the High Court alleging that the name change is divisive. For this, the High Court of Bombay asked the central government to present its position. There is no objection to renaming Osmanabad ‘Dharshiv’. But, the process of renaming Aurangabad to “Sambajinagar” is still under consideration. This information given by the Center at the Bombay High Court means that the process of renaming Aurangabad is yet to begin.

Consequently, Sanjay Raut of the Thackeray Group criticized the government’s claims. BJP leaders were asking the government why they didn’t come up with the name change to Sambhajinagar when they were against it. While in power, the Thackeray government criticized the Center for blocking the airport proposal. Raj Thackeray took aim at Uddhav Thackeray saying the core issues are important before the name change.

The cost of renaming a city is around Rs 300 to 350 crores. This cost includes the cost of changing every government document that mentions the old name on government offices, hospitals, post offices, schools, roads, airports, vehicles, railways and all other nameplates and each change of mention in the documents.

The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has changed the names of more than 7 cities in the past few years. And more than 12 new name changes are proposed in UP But when will Sambhajinagar from Aurangabad? This issue has been in the headlines for almost two decades in Maharashtra.

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