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uday samant the party worker shivsena amol deolekar wrote a letter to uday samant who is joining eknath shinde faction



Pune: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackeray were in Pune on August 2. Aditya Thackeray held a big meeting at Katraj in Pune. After the Aditya Thackeray meeting, former minister Uday Samant was passing by. Uday Samant’s car was attacked. Uday Samant’s car window was smashed. Shiv Sena Town Chief, Sanjay More, Suraj Lokhande, Vishal Dhanwade were arrested in connection with the attack on Uday Samant’s car. Pune-based Shiv Sainik Amol Devlekar wrote a letter to Uday Samant. In this letter, questions were put to Udaya Samanta.

What Amol Devlekar said
Tola Devlekar claimed that the arrest of the Shiv Sainiks for their self-defense was done faster than the ED and CBI and should be recorded in a register. Devlekar said this incident gives a glimpse into the future governance of the government of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

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Sanjay More used to stay up night and night putting up banners
Amol Devlekar told Uday Samant that Pune Shiv Sena City Chief Sanjay More stayed up all night and put up banners all over the city after his election as Pune District Liaison Chief. Devlekar also recalled that the second defendant Vishal Dhanwade came to Ratnagiri the first time to wish you a happy birthday.

Amol Devlekar told Uday Samant that he has respected you since you were the young president of the NCP. Devlekar also said that we enjoyed our MP’s journey to Minister of State for Urban Development and then Minister of Higher and Technical Education.

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What do you call a coward?
Amol Devlekar further posed some questions to Uday Samant in the letter. Devlekar said if he is in Guwahati the next day on Matoshree, he is called a coward. Devlekar said that committing crimes against our own people, alienating them from our people, committing ideological adultery in the name of ideology, singling out those who grow up and turning against them is called cowardly. Amol Devlekar said he cheats with all these moral values ​​and our people, he is called a coward.

Even Pakistan can’t attack us

In the next part of the letter, Amol Devlekar said that you are under the almighty central system, it is not possible for Pakistan to plot or attack against you, so they will not do the bold Sanjay More and Vishal Dhanwade. Politics will come and go, positions will also disappear, but if the credit earned by many generations of you dwindles, tomorrow there will be nothing to raise in the name of Uday, Amol Devlekar said in a letter addressed to Uday Samant.

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