uddhav thackeray news, Uddhav Thackeray’s attack on the Shinde group; Subhash Wankhede joins Shiv Sena challenge to MP Hemant Patil

uddhav thackeray news, Uddhav Thackeray’s attack on the Shinde group;  Subhash Wankhede joins Shiv Sena challenge to MP Hemant Patil

Hingoli: Subhash Wankhede joined the Shiv Sena today in Mumbai in the presence of Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray. Former Aurangabad MP Chandrakant Khaire, Shiv Sena Liaison Chief Nanded Anand Jadhav, Former MP Nagesh Patil Ashtikar, Shiv Sena Datta District Chief Patil Kokate, Anand Bondharkar, Umesh Mundhe as well as officials from the Shiv Sena were present.

Political career of Subhash Wankhede

Former MP Subhas Wankhede was born in a small village of Lyahri in Hadgaon Taluka of Nanded district. There is no political background in the house. In 1995, Shiv Sena gave Subhash Wankhede a chance in the Hadgaon Assembly elections. In 1995, Wankhede defeated former MP Bapurao Patil Ashtikar and reached the Legislative Assembly. Wankhede served as the Member of Parliament for Hadgaon – Himayatnagar Assembly Constituency for three consecutive terms. After that, Shiv Sena lined up Wankhede in the Hingoli Lok Sabha election arena against former Union Minister Suryakanta Patil.

Subhash Wankhede defeated Suryakanta Patil by a huge margin. Wankhede has reached the Lok Sabha. Again, Subhash Wankhede stood in the Hingoli Lok Sabha election arena. This time, the late Congress leader Rajeev Satav, a resident of Kailash, was the candidate ahead of him. Wankhede was beaten by a narrow margin against Rajiv Satav.

Vankhede, who was upset with some Shiv Sena leaders due to the defeat, joined the party in the BJP saying “Jai Maharashtra” to the Shiv Sena. Former MP Subhash Wankhede joined the BJP alleging that local and senior Shiv Sena leaders defeated me. After joining BJP, he worked for BJP for a few days. But Wankhede did not stay long in the BJP.

Congress candidate for Wankhede in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

While former MP Subhash Wankhede was in the BJP, he was not very established in the BJP. The 2019 Lok Sabha elections started there. Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in Lok Sabha elections. The seat of Hingoli Lok Sabha went to Shiv Sena. And Hemant Patil, a former disciple of Subhash Wankhede, received a ticket for Lok Sabha from Shiv Sena.

Rajiv Satav had refused to stand in the Lok Sabha elections. Under the leadership of Rajiv Satav and former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, former MP Subhash Wankhede entered the Congress party and lined it up for the Hingoli Lok Sabha. But because of the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance and the Modi wave, Wankhede couldn’t play against Shiv Sena’s Hemant Patil. Disciple Hemant Patil won in this fight of Guru Shishya.

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Wankhede has been on the Shiv Sena path for a year

Discussions had been ongoing for former MP Subhash Wankhede to join the Shiv Sena for a year. But Wankhede had no time. The three-time Shiv Sena MP and former Wankhede MP finally got his chance. Shiv Sena Liaison Chief Anand Jadhav and Shiv Sena District Chief Datta Patil Kokate managed to bring former MP Subhash Wankhede, an experienced former Shiv soldier, to the Shiv Sena to respond to the rebellion of MP Hemant Patil. Wankhede’s entry into the Shiv Sena will change the political equations of Nanded District and Hingoli Lok Sabha.

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