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Ujjwal Nikam, Adv in the Kapadnis double murder case. Appointment of Ujjwal Nikam; What is going on? – adv ujjwal nikam named in kapadnis double death case



Mr. Ta. Representative, Nashik: In February last year, former Chancellor of the Open University Nanasaheb Kapadnis and his son Dr. The hearing of the case filed in the Amit double murder case begins. In accordance with the recommendation made by the Nashik police in this case, the Ministry of Interior has taken serious note of it. Special Attorney General Adv. Ujjwal Nikam was nominated. Legal proceedings are ongoing in this case from time to time and the pleadings of the case will soon begin.

Sarkarwada Police have submitted a 1600-page indictment against the suspect who killed Kapadnis’ father and son living in Anand Gopal Park building in Pandit Colony. This “murder mystery” of the crime recorded in February 2022 remained the talk of the town well into May. Police have received strong evidence against prime suspect Rahul Jagtap as well as accomplice suspects Pradeep Shirsath, Vikas Hemke and Suraj More in this case. As a result, Kapadnis’ father and son were killed in a quiet plot to seize property worth millions of rupees. This happened between December 2021 and January 2022. The police investigation revealed that the threads of this ‘murder mystery’ which unfolded in the city extended to Jawhar, Palghar, Bhandardara and other areas . In this case, the Home Department Adv. At the same time, the Nashik police had recommended that Nikam be nominated by the ruling party. Accordingly, after notification from the Ministry of Law and Justice, the Ministry of Interior also announced the government’s decision.

…that’s how the massacre happened

On January 28, 2022, a complaint was filed with the police regarding the disappearance of Kapadnis’ father and son. In this investigation, it was discovered that 90 lakh rupees had been transferred from Nanasaheb’s Demat account to Shirsath’s account. It is understood that he gave this money to Jagtap. Jagtap’s investigation revealed that both were murdered. With the help of his accomplices, he cremated the body of Nanasaheb in Mokhada and that of Amit in Rajur. Police had arrested the three Aurangabad fugitives from Jagtap’s house. Twelve property locks were hidden by the suspects in Kapadnis’ ancestral home in Lahwit. Police seized property documents from Trimbakeshwar and Mhasrul and other places. The suspect bought a luxury car worth several million rupees and spent the money on Kapadnis bungalow works while setting up his own shop. Police had seized Savarkar Nagar’s bungalow, Gala in Dwarka, his wife’s car, two-wheeler, expensive mobile phone and cash from his own money.