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underage boy dies of electrocution, lacks wisdom to prevent robbery, electrifies grill; An innocent boy lost his life due to theft



Bombay : She had an idea to prevent the theft, but it seemed like a crazy idea, she got stuck. The owner of a grocery store in Nalasopara used to keep the iron grill of the window with electric wire while closing the store every night. But a minor child died because of this bad idea of ​​women. Tulinj police registered a case against her on March 1

On January 25, an 18-year-old boy was found unconscious near the window of the affected store. When the boy’s mother touched his body, she was electrocuted. Therefore, the police opened a thorough investigation into the case.

Initially, the Tulinj police registered an accidental death in this case, but after a month-long investigation, together with the detailed report of the electricity utility company, the autopsy report, the police have now registered a case against the store owner. The 42-year-old woman’s name is Meera Sanjay Kandu.

To prevent thefts, Meera Kandu had attached an electric wire to the iron grille of the window. During the Corona period, thieves broke windows and stole valuables, money and some groceries, it is reported on the website of the Mid Day newspaper that she took action.

The store owner decided to connect the electric wire directly from the electric meter to the iron grill of the window. But countermeasures to prevent the robbery turned fatal and a teenager lost his life, an officer from the Tulinj police station said.

On the evening of January 24, the minor concerned left the house, but he did not return even late at night. After searching all night, he was nowhere to be found. At that time, his mother learned somewhere that an underage boy had fallen in front of the grocery store.

Mother stomped over to see the corpse. When the mother touched her body, she was electrocuted, police said. Neighbors immediately called the police.

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The body was isolated by detaching the electrical wire attached to the iron grille of the grocery store window. The autopsy revealed that the boy had died of electrocution. Based on the MSEB report and autopsy, we have registered a case against the store owner in the relevant sections, police said.

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The police did not arrest the woman but issued her with a summons to appear in court. Police said she cannot be arrested because the sentence in this case is less than seven years. The deceased boy is survived by his mother and sister.

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