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vande bharat express, a coach derailed near Daund; vande bharat hutatma express late due to freight car derailment near daund



Solapur: The derailment of the freight car directly affected the rail passenger traffic coming to Solapur. Railway officials have predicted the possibility that Vande Bharat, Hutatma Express and Kakinada Express trains will reach Solapur station late as they are three hours late. An express wagon traveling between Chinchwad and Wadi derailed near Daund. This directly affected Mail Express trains carrying rail passengers to Solapur or South India. Railway officials said the express train coach was brought onto the track by the railway mechanics department with reasonable effort.

A freight train carriage derailed near Daund

A carriage of a freight train departing from Chinchwad derailed near Daund around 6 p.m. on Sunday. This directly affected passenger express mail traffic to Solapur. The railway administration attempted to bring the freight train car onto the tracks for nearly two hours. After two hours of unremitting efforts, the container of the material freight train was brought to the track, and the freight train was moved to Daund station.

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Delay at Vande Bharat, Hutatma Express and Kakinada Express

Due to the fall of the freight car, the express passenger traffic from Pune railway stations was directly affected in the evening. Hutatma Express departs from Pune Railway Station around 6:30 p.m. While the Vande Bharat Express departs from Pune Railway Station to Solapur around 7:30 p.m. Meanwhile, Kakinada Express also departs from Pune to Solapur.

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Hutatma Express, Kakinada Express were stopped near Loni as coach derailment works were going on near Daund. As Vande Bharat Express had no headquarters at Pune station, it took 21 hours to reach Khadki station. Due to this, Vande Bharat, Hutatma Express will reach Solapur Railway Station almost three hours late. Railway officials have predicted that those important express couriers which will arrive at Solapur station around 10 p.m. will arrive around 1 p.m.

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