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vasant more news, ‘Pay or shoot’: the threatening message from Vasant More’s son; Panic in Pune – Son of MNS leader, Vasant More, Rupesh More received message threatening extortion



Pune: MNS has received various messages threatening the son of firebrand chief Vasant More in Pune with extortion. In which a request for Rs.30 lakh has been made. Rupesh More, son of Vasant More, received a WhatsApp message from a stranger from different numbers and demanded money by threatening to spread the fake marriage certificate. They also threatened to shoot and kill if they didn’t pay. Rupesh More filed a complaint at Bharti University Police Station.

According to information received, Rupesh received a message from an unknown mobile number on February 7. In which it was said, “You are married to a girl named Anfia Sheikh according to the marriage registration certificate of a village panchayat in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district. We have also issued a marriage certificate in your name. Bring Rs 20 lakh and keep it in the Innova car parked at Kharadi IT Park or we will file a rape case against you.

As much as 172 crore was deposited in the vegetable seller’s bank account, but soon there was a mess

After the message on February 7, on February 27 and March 5, Rupesh More’s cell phone was threatened again and asked for money again. Also a threat was given in the message that the whole plan to kill you is ready and we will kill you by shooting a bullet.

Meanwhile, after all this, finally according to the statement of Vasant More’s son, Rupesh, a case was filed against the unknown accused at the police station. Police are looking for the accused based on the mobile number from which the threatening message was received.