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Pune: In the context of the upcoming elections, the construction of the MNS party has begun. Therefore, to increase party strength in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, Vasant More was appointed observer by MNS few days ago. Just two days ago, under the supervision of Vasant More, new bureau members were appointed for Bhor, Velha and Mulshi talukas of Baramati Lok Sabha constituency in the presence of MNS Chairman Raj Thackeray. But after this nomination, the head of MNS of Bhor taluka and former president of MNS taluka, Rahul Pawar opposed the nomination by making serious accusations against Vasant More.

Speaking to the media, Rahul Pawar said that when appointing the chairman of Bhor taluka, Vasant More left out the loyalists and handed over the post of chairman to his relatives. Rahul Pawar alleged that Deepak Pangare, who was appointed chairman at Bhor taluka, was invited by Vasant More to his home the day before he left for Mumbai.

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Pawar said there was a misunderstanding among former MNS workers as loyalty does not pay off even after working for 17 years. He demanded that Raj Thackeray look into this matter. Therefore, it is likely that a new controversy broke out within the MNS in Pune after the newly appointed president.

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