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video chhatrapati udayanraje, VIDEO: the fever of kings! Udayanraje fan following the students stops the rikshaw to take a picture with chhatrapati udayanraje bhonsle in satara



Saratar: BJP Chhatrapati Udayanraje Bhosale MP Rajya Sabha’s birthday came recently. However, their fever does not go down. Various programs were held in Lok Sabha constituency on the occasion of his birthday. A bullock cart race ended on Wednesday at Hazarmachi in Karad. Udayanaraje was present at that time. At that time, he was surrounded by thousands of activists. Bhoomipujan and the inauguration of various development works was taking place today. Meanwhile, students going to school by rickshaw in the morning stopped the rickshaw and took a photo shoot with Udayanraj.

Chhatrapati Udayanaraje Bhosle has a huge fan following, his fanbase is increasing day by day. They are very popular with young people. Udayanraj has many fans all over Maharashtra. In Satara, everyone believes in Udayanraj. To take a picture with them, the youngster is ready for anything. Such a guy was seen today.

See the video-

Udayanaraje had reached Satara for a Bhoomipujan ceremony. Then the school rickshaw left from there. However, these school girls saw Udayanraje and called him “Maharaj Saheb”. They had the rickshaw puller Chatalka stop the rickshaw and ran towards Udayanaraj and
Took a photo with them. At this time, the schoolgirl looked very happy.

Also, while taking photos, Udayanraj acted out a dialogue in front of the children. Udayanaraje said, “If you all want to succeed, don’t take a picture with me. If you want to fail, take a picture with me”. Hearing this from Udayanraj, there was nothing but laughter among the audience. However, the schoolgirls were lost due to their encounter with Udayanaraje Maharaj.


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