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Warli painting world record, Warli painting world record from Palghar; Palghar’s Warli paintings set a world record



Mr. Ta. Press office, Dahanu: Warli painting from Palghar district has made its mark all over the world. Additionally, the Warli picture created in Aurangabad with the guidance and cooperation of six female Warli painters from the district set another world record by being awarded the honor of ‘The Largest Warli Picture’. On the occasion of the G-20 conference, the Municipality of Aurangabad and Smart City, in collaboration with the city’s Central Bus Stand to Mahaveer Chowk Road ST workshop, painted this image on a 3,200 meter wall square measuring 456 feet long and seven feet high.

After the city of Aurangabad received the honor of the G-20 conference, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation decided to paint Warli in collaboration with 120 local girls. As a result, Kirti Nilesh Vartha of Warli Mahila The Dhavaleri Group in Palghar was informed by telephone through an NGO. But Warli painting is our real art and it is GI registered. He therefore explained that no one else could trade or take credit for the Warli painting. After that, it was decided to carry out this work with the guidance and cooperation of this group. The artist group has taken the position that the instructions regarding the taking of these photos must be implemented in all cases.

Thus, on February 16, Kirti Nilesh Vartha (Palghar Mahim), Poonam Kol (Dahanu Waki), Rajeshree Golim (Palghar, Neehe), Tara Bombade (Palghar, Adivasi Naka), Tanaya Urade (Kelwa Rothe) and Shalini Kasat (Palghar) from Palghar district A group of six female painters were invited to Aurangabad. On February 16, the image was drawn in just six hours with the help of 120 local girls.

A relationship with nature unveiled

This painting represents the life of a Warli woman, traditional, daily, various rituals from marriage to death. The close relationship of tribal society with nature, traditional dance, living conditions, festivals, the umbilical cord linked to water-forest-earth, etc. have found a place in this table. These women painters said that it was not a painting, but a Warli writing. He also expressed his belief that if everyone adopts the tribal way of life, the complex environmental problem can be solved.


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