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What did Supriya Sule say about the Devdarshan eating mutton controversy? – supriya sule clarification on shivsena vijay shivtare’s allegation about mandir and not veg



Sentiments from all opposition parties were sent to Modi by mail. I think we need to discuss it. He expressed concern about the misuse of central institutions.

Pune: NCP leader Supriya Sule has embroiled herself in a new controversy. He was accused of having darshan of God by eating mutton. Former Shiv Sena MP, former Minister Vijay Shivtare also shared a video making the allegation. Also shared photos of God Darshan. Supriya Sule ate mutton in a hotel in Pune and then had darshan from the god. Shivtare alleged that Supriya Sule went to Mahadev temple and took darshan. Supriya Sule answered all these questions while speaking to the media. Supriya Sule’s office also explained in a nutshell.

What did Supriya Sule say?

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Supriya Sule said the sentiments of all opposition parties have been sent to Modi through letters. I think we need to discuss it. She expressed concern about the misuse of central institutions. I continue to raise my voice in Parliament on inflation and unemployment. There is no onion price in the country but there is onion price in the world, this situation is due to bad policies. Center should do something about it, but nothing happens.

Thanks to the people of the city

I thank the people of Maharashtra and the people of the city for getting the candidate Mahavikas Aghadi elected in the city. He said the people of Pune reacted to the BJP’s bad campaign. Supriya Sule explained that we were thinking about defeating Chinchwad.

On Shivtare’s charge

I didn’t see what Shivtare said. What can I say to that? I don’t talk about what I don’t know. He avoided answering saying he had been working for people’s water since morning.

Explanation given by the office

Supriya Sule comes under fire after these accusations from Shivtare. After all these allegations, an explanation was given on behalf of Supriya Sule’s office. Supriya Sule has become a vegetarian in recent years. It was clarified on behalf of Supriya Sule’s office that she does not eat meat.

What does the post say?

Shivtare shared a video of Supriya Sule eating mutton. After that, four photos of Devdarshan were shared on Supriya Sule’s Facebook page. Moreover, when sharing these photos and videos, comments were made about them. Ate mutton first. Then I went to Bhairavanath temple and had darshan. So Mahadev went to the temple. Then the lights went through the ghat to Saswad. Had darshan of Saswadla Saint Sopankaka. Shivtare gave a scathing review to Alaivare Gyan Devo Sukhiya Jahla ||