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What is the real early morning swearing policy..? ; Claims and Counterclaims Stir Politics… – Devendra Fadnavish Maharashtra political drama Oath with Ajit Pawar Sharad Pawar



The ruling coalition of BJP and Shiv Sena secured an outright majority in the Maharashtra Assembly election results. But even after obtaining the mandate, a great exercise in forming the government had begun.

At the same time, Uddhav Thackeray was placed in the chair of the CM post and the BJP problem grew. At the same time, Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister during the early morning swearing-in ceremony.

Ajit Pawar had been sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister. Due to this incident, there was a lot of excitement in the politics of the country including Maharashtra.

Due to these political developments, the name of Devendra Fadnavis has been heavily discussed. After these political developments, however, NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar took the initiative and united his party’s MPs.

Devendra Fadnavis resigned from her post before proving a majority in the House and putting an end to this political drama. But now, after three years, now Devendra Fadnavis has now taken the name Sharad Pawar, so there has been a strong discussion.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis claimed that NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar supported the whole incident in the Shinde government of Maharashtra.

According to PTI news agency, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis claimed in a broadcast hosted by a TV channel that we have a proposal from the CPN to form a government together.

Regarding the proposal of the Nationalist Congress Party, he also said that there should be a stable government and that we should form such a government together.

Devendra Fadnavis said he decided to go ahead after discussing the NCP’s proposal. At that time, he also made a big reveal that there was a discussion with Sharad Pawar about it.

Devendra Fadnavis also said that Ajit Pawar decided to leave the government after 80 hours.

I want to tell the whole truth to state that Ajit Pawar swore with me honestly but then Devendra Fadnavis made a big reveal that NCP’s strategy has changed.

NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar rejected Devendra Fadnavis’ claim and also said a senior BJP leader should not make such false statements.

While reacting to Fadnavis’ claim, Sharad Pawar said that I thought Devendra Fadnavis was cultured and a gentleman. Sharad Pawar also clarified that I never thought he would make such a statement resorting to lies.

After Devendra Fadnavis’ claim, a war of words also started between NCP and BJP on social media. Both parties’ official Twitter accounts tweeted back and forth in favor and against the claim. Both sides blame each other. The BJP attacked Sharad Pawar by tweeting.

Maharashtra BJP tweeted that Sharad Pawar should not forget that Devendra Fadnavis is a sensible person and that’s why he remained silent till now. So it was you who gave the message that the BJP and the NCP can form the government.

Maharashtra BJP also tweeted that you wanted something else which was not found then changed your mind.

Attacking former State Chief Minister, former Union Minister and NCP leader Sharad Pawar, Maharashtra BJP said: “What argument did you have with Ajit Pawar the day before the swearing-in ceremony? “

Maharashtra BJP tweeted that Ajit Pawar visited Silver Oak (Sharad Pawar’s residence in Mumbai) before going to Raj Bhavan and meeting Pawar.

And it is claimed that he was also invited to attend the swearing-in ceremony. Therefore, this incident raised a heated debate in state politics.

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