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Who has the victory in the city? Chandrashekhar Bawankule said the real reason – Kasba Peth bypoll results ravindra dhangekar chandrashekhar bawankule reaction



Mumbai: Over the past 28 years, winning or losing is determined by looking at the equation from this time to this election. We accept the defeat that took place in the city this time. We will also analyze it. Bawankule said we need to focus on our shortcomings and what needs to be improved.

It is said that the BJP used money power in the city and people power rejected the BJP? Bawankule answered this question. From power to money and the power of money is the power of the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party, it is not our tradition. We are activists who contest the elections in a ritual way. We have never participated in elections with money. Bawankule replied that it is neither religion nor nature in our life.

Ajit Pawar claimed that the local MNS workers in the village worked for the Congress through which the thugs won. Did MNS provide hidden assistance to Congress? Bawankule also spoke about this. Raj Thackeray’s MNS supported the BJP in the elections. We thank them. MNS workers and leaders who did not heed Raj Saheb’s call were ousted from the party by Raj Thackeray. There is therefore no doubt about their role. At the local level, some MNS workers were aligned with the candidate. He worked as Dhangekar. And that’s why Ajit Pawar had to speak, Bawankule said.

“Reflecting on Kasyaba’s Defeat”

What is the reason there will be Legislative Council elections or the current by-elections that the BJP is not getting fully? This question was posed to Bawankules. What happened to us in Konkan? But we won Konkan. We weren’t fighting in Nagpur. Nagpur Teachers Council is fighting. We support them. Last time won the teachers council for ten years. This time he ran a candidate again and was defeated. So it was not the headquarters of the BJP party, it was the headquarters of the teachers’ council. We had no place in Konkan. We accept this as a defeat at Amravati. As we reflect on Kasabya’s defeat, we must reflect on Amravati’s. Apart from that, the BJP has not been defeated anywhere. Won the 3003 Sarpanch elections in the Gram Panchayat elections. Therefore, from the equation of an election, one cannot assume that everything went wrong. The result depends on the environment, the conditions and the candidates for the election. It is impossible to predict what the equation will be in an election. If we had won the two seats in the by-elections, it is not possible that we would have won all of Maharashtra. This time we fought and lost there. Bawankule explained that we will find out the cause of this defeat by stand and by district.

What was the reason for the BJP’s defeat in Kasab? Uddhav Thackeray reacted directly and said
What are we missing in the city? In the end, the vote that people gave, we may have made a mistake, so that vote came. We have to accept the opinion of public opinion. It is the task of our party to win this seat again and to increase the number of votes received. We will do this work, Bawankule said.

Pawar “power” with Rauts in crisis; Ajit Pawar also joined Sharad Pawar!
“I stayed there four or five days”

“You have to accept that there was a defeat in Chinchwad. Elections were held in three states of the country today, Congress sucks. There was a time when there was only Congress. The result today sucks for Congress. They say winning an election in Kasba Peth means winning a lot. But it is important for Maharashtra. But what is the situation of Congress in the country today? Today , the Congress has been completely wiped out of the country. Thinking about Maharashtra, who gets the real credit for victory in the city? The real credit goes to the candidate there. This candidate is already active. If we analyze Kasbyat’s victory was a bit, there was a hidden sympathy among the citizens for the winning candidate Ravindra Dhangekar. Because he had lost several times in the elections. Dhangekar contested the assembly elections two or three times. But Hemant Raas fought this for the first time. And so there was a certain no sympathy from the side of Dhangekar. This was not in favor of some Mahavikas Aghadi. There was sympathy from Dhangekar. I stayed there four or five days. Once you lose an election, you get some sympathy. Chandrasekhar Bawankule said the Dhangekars also benefited. On the second day after the end of the campaign, the Dhangekar started a fast. This fast is redone to promote and gain sympathy. Chandrasekhar Bawankule explained that they won sympathy from it, now we have to see what decision the Electoral Commission will take.