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Why did Pune lose Kasba Peth? The BJP leader himself gave the reasons? – declaration of the head of the bjp, sanjay kakade, during the election of the assembly of kasba peth



We will give a candidate to compete with Ravindra Dhangekar in the next assembly elections. The BJP leader said he would try to return this fort to the BJP.

Pune: BJP candidate Hemant Rasane was defeated in the Kasba Assembly by-election. This defeat took its toll on the BJP. Introspection has begun in this regard in the party. Because it was an impregnable stronghold of the BJP for 32 years. Because of its location, it has also stood out at the national level. Why this defeat now? Maharashtra BJP Deputy Chairman Sanjay Kakade gave reasons for this. Before that, he sent a message to BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis that he was also responsible for this defeat.

Speaking of the loss, Sanjay Kakde said it was not a victory for Congress. This victory belongs to Ravindra Dhangekar. Ravindra Dhangekar was elected as an independent in previous municipal elections. At that time, he obtained 18,000 votes in the municipal district.

Congress-BJP fight did not happen

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The fight for Kasba Pethe was not between the BJP and the Congress. This fight took place between Dhangekar and Rasane. The NCP, the Congress and the Thackeray group were there for the victory of Dhangekar. Their great leaders were campaigning. We only brought in state-level leaders to campaign. But we accept defeat.

The candidate was weak

Kakade admitted that we made a mistake when selecting candidates for Kasba Peth. He said that our candidate Hemant Rasane also accepted this. We will give a candidate to compete with Ravindra Dhangekar in the next assembly elections. And again that strong will come to the BJP, he said.

Dhangekar was popular

Kakade praised Ravindra Dhangekar while admitting that there was a mistake in the selection of candidates. He said, Dhangekar was a popular candidate. This was proven in the survey. Our investigation turned out to be wrong. Because of this investigation, Hemant Rasane’s name comes from Delhi. Victory in Kasba is not for BJP and Congress, it is victory in Dhangekar.

Chandrakant Patil was surrounded on social media

Speaking at a meeting, Chandrakant Patil had said that I had been listening for ten to twelve days. Dhangekar versus Rasane. Oh, who is Dhangekar? said Chandrakant Patil. He made this statement while addressing a large meeting. Congress has now responded by putting up banners.