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wife killed her husband, wife said her husband died in his sleep, then something happened that wife was arrested – wife took her husband’s life with the help of her husband gf



Palgar: An incident took place in Palghar district where a woman killed her husband who was having an immoral relationship with the help of her husband’s lover’s husband as soon as she learned about her husband’s immoral relationship. The name of the deceased is Santosh Rama Tokare (35) and Wada police arrested five people including his wife in this case.

The body of Santosh Rama Tokare (35) from Kondhale-Bandhanpada in Wada taluka was found at his home. After that, a complaint was filed at Wada Police Station that he died in his sleep. However, during the autopsy, it was revealed in the medical report that Santosh Tokare was killed by stabbing his head with a gun and strangling him. After that, a case was registered at Wada Police Station under Section 302, 34 of the Indian Penal Code. Different police teams from the AMA and the Local Crime Branch were formed to investigate this crime.

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Santosh Rama Tokare had an immoral relationship with a married woman. For this reason, there were frequent quarrels between husband and wife. The police investigation revealed that the wife conspired with the wife’s husband who had an immoral relationship and conspired to kill Santosh Tokare and killed Santosh Tokare by stabbing him in the head and strangling him at home. The police arrested his wife Sanjeevani Tokare and four other people in this case. The names of the accused arrested are Nitin Madhukar Savar, Swapnil Pundalik Madhvi, Satish Bhau Marge, Rohit Jadhav.

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