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women thrown from a building, caretaker thrown from a terrace; But a miracle happened on the 18th floor; What Exactly Happened To Taruni – Mumbai Woman Survives After Being Thrown From 20th Floor Of Building In Malad



Mumbai: A security guard threw a woman from the 20th floor in Malad, a suburb of Mumbai. But the woman’s luck was good. The window of the 18th floor house fell on the roof. Residents of the building then contacted the police and fire department. The woman was saved. The accused security guard fled from there. He was handcuffed by the police.

According to Malad Police, the 26-year-old works at Blue Horizon in Malad West. On July 28, at ten o’clock in the morning, the young woman returned home after finishing her work. Then she saw Arjun Singh, the building’s security guard, on the way. A woman came to live on the 20th floor. Arjun told the girl that she needed a maid.
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Hoping to find work, the girl went to the 20th floor apartment with Arjun. The owner of the house asked him to come in half an hour. Then the young woman went to the terrace. At that moment, Arjun came behind her. He grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the ground. The girl’s luck saved her life. Fortunately, she landed on the roof of the 18th floor window.

After getting information about the incident, police and firefighters reached the building. They pulled the woman out of the window to safety. The woman was injured in the neck, head and hand. She was admitted to Shatabdi Hospital for treatment. A case of attempted murder has been registered against Arjun Singh. He was arrested by the police.
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He had a relationship with a young woman. Arjun Singh accused her of blackmailing her. Tired of blackmail, decided to kill the woman. The accused told the police that was why he pushed her off the terrace. But the female victim told police she had no relationship with the security guard.