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yashwantrao gadakh, crime on the comatose son, said gadakh, if he wasn’t sick he would have harassed you! — Leader Yashwantrao Gadakh criticized who fired against Prashant Gadakh



Ahmadnagar: While it is in our Indian culture to console and give courage in times of family grief, opponents of the taluka have made political capital out of it and run the business of stirring up trouble. Top leader Yashwantrao Gadakh expressed his frustration at having done politics at taluka, district and state level, having experienced many ups and downs but never seeing politics at such a low level. A case has been filed against Prashant, son of Gadakh, who is currently in a coma, as well as the president of the union, in the case of electricity theft in the Cooperative Union of Milk Producers of Nevasa Taluka. Gadakh expressed this regret when speaking to the workers about it.

The power company’s Bharari team recently took this step. This milk syndicate has been accused of theft of electricity worth around Rs. The team has been closed for a few years. However, the team claims the electricity was stolen ten years ago. President Prashant fell ill during corona virus. He was admitted to hospital, fell into a coma and has yet to recover. Former Minister Shankarao Gadakh held a meeting in Sonai to clarify the facts and introduce the role. Yashwantrao Gadakh also presented his position on this occasion.

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Yashwantrao Gadakh said that when there are crises, the leader must open his mind by giving the workers confidence. A criminal case was filed against Prashant Gadakh while he was in a coma. If they had done that when they weren’t sick, they would have scolded you. Gadakh alleged that when the opposition was in power, instead of doing constructive work in building various institutions, it spent its political power to destroy the well-functioning institutions on which thousands of people depended. He also said they should remember that the Mahabharata only happened through hate-based politics.

Speaking on the occasion, former Minister MLA Gadakh said that during periodic inspection when Taluka Dudh Sangh electricity meter key was in possession of Mahadistribution officers, they never found stolen. of electricity. But how come a case was logged in the police suddenly fined by Palghar authorities with a certificate of alleged electricity theft ten years ago? Gadakh also said that people are not open enough not to solve the riddle of this.

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MP Gadakh explained his role before the public regarding the sudden death case of brother-in-law Gauri Gadakh and gave detailed information on how his family was subjected to mental and legal turmoil capitalizing on his death. At that time, he alleged that the opposition hatched a plot to demolish the educational complex of Mula Institute of Education in Sonai by the power. MP Gadakh revealed that being an independent MP he could go anywhere and get ministerial post during political transition period but he did not do it just to maintain self-respect of taluk people .


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