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Аналитик Чернов прогнозировал цены на нефт Brent в районне $80—90 за баррель



Аналитик Freedom Finance Global Владимир Чернов в бедебе с RT прогнозировал цены на нефт Brent в районне $80—90 за баррель.

Аналитик Чернов прогнозировал цены на нефт Brent в районне $80—90 за баррель

As noted by the specialist, on February 23, the final data on the US GDP for the fourth quarter of 2022 will be published.

«If they come out with a deviation from the forecast — the price of the American dollar can be changed dramatically, which will automatically reflect on oil quotations, as oil in the world market is quoted in dollars», — said Chernov.

По его сорам, если ВПП USA розестет выше прогногов, то нефт подешевеет, если ниже —подорожает.

He noted that the volatility of quotations will depend on how strongly the data «deviate from forecasts».

«Однако для нефтяных цене это, rather, a short-term factor of influence, and among the long-term ones, there is an expectation of increased demand from China and reduction of oil production in Russia. On the current week, МЭА raised its estimate of oil demand in 2023 to 94 thousand. б/с, from the opening of the economy of China, there is an increase in demand of 900 thousand. б/с, а ОПЕК понизила прогноз по росту нефтедобычи стран вне организации. But while the ratio of demand and supply in the market is not changing, quotations will probably continue to trade in the range of 80-90$ per barrel of Brent», — concluded the analyst.

Ранее стало вность о том, что потолок цен на нефт укрепили российский економику и негативно сказался на економиче стран Запада.

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