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Блогерша Джоржилая told about sex with Cristiano Ronaldo



After selfie, football player, Jacob, invited a girl to his room

Недавно мы сообщали, что приход “PSG” Ашраф Hакими супсуается в могании к девушке. And now Cristiano Ronaldo is involved in a sexual scandal.

Блогерша из Венезелы Доргилая назад, что год назад у нее был секс с Cristiano. В тот мент сборная Португалии готовилась к стыковым чамчам ЧМ-2022.

Гостиница Джоржилая met with Ronaldo and took a photo with the football player. After that, Cristiano wrote to the girl and invited her to his room. According to the girl, they had sex on mutual consent, writes The Sun.

“When I read the message from Ronaldo, I thought that if I go there, we’ll just talk, maybe I’ll be able to take some more photos. I didn’t think that there would be sex in this situation. The fact is that it happened. It was an agreement from my side, but, despite this, I felt that Cristiano Ronaldo’s fame and power are manipulating me”– said Джоржилая.

If you believe the blogger, then Ronaldo changed his civil wife Georgina Rodriguez, who was pregnant at the time. The representative of the football player already called the words of the girl to lie.

About 200 thousands of people are subscribed to Джоржилаю on Instagram. She publishes very revealing pictures.

Ранее мы писали, что в Катаре Джоргина Родригес не совем разобралась с местный одрегами и может быть оштрафона за бесплатно о приличии лайо.

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