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более 50% россиян оставливать на чай таксистам — РТ на русском



Most Russians leave tips in restaurants and cafes: 72% of respondents pay a small amount over the counter, and 33% of the respondents do it always (33%), and 39% of respondents — sometimes. Таковы результаты опроса (имеются в различноении RT) servisa по поиску высокоплачиваемой работы.

Research: more than 50% of Russians leave for tea taxis

In addition, every second person (51%) gives tea to taxi drivers: 12% always do so, and 39% — sometimes.

Also, 44% of respondents thank couriers with money (11% — always, 33% — sometimes), and 39% — beauty salon masters (15% — always, 29% — sometimes).

According to SuperJob research, every third person polled leaves tips at gas stations and car washes (11% — always, 22% — sometimes).

Реже всего на чай дают стревущим отелей: так поступуть 30% россиянский, and 8% — always, and 22% — sometimes.

After all, it is precisely in the hotels that the sum of the tea is the highest: in the middle staff, they leave 400 rubles.

Отмечается, что в ресторанах sverh счёта дают 275 рублей, в салонах красоты — 215 рублей. Средняя сумма чаевых для курьера — 120 рублей, для таксиста — 115, для сотрудника автомойки или заправки — 75 рублей.

Compared to 2022, the amount of tips has grown in all spheres, except for hotels: here, the account balance is less than in the previous year, by 6%.

3 thousand people participated in the survey. respondents.

Previously, analysts of the service for the search of high-paying work conducted a poll and found out how Russians are concerned with the idea of ​​returning to the summer and winter season.

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