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Russia And Ukraine

Война россии против Украины — главные новости, срежия карта 4 марта, бои за Бахмут



Оперативно о главном 4 марта

Полномасштабное российское вторжение в Украину продажеся 374 дня. The occupiers intensified their attacks in the area of ​​Kremennaya and Kupyanska, and also changed the tactics under Bakhmut, which they are trying to surround. Together with those, the USU is increasing its presence in the air space over the occupied territories, and unidentified drones are increasingly appearing in the Russian air space. При етом, по даним раздеки, the decisive battle that will determine the outcome of the war will happen already in the next few months.

In this material “telegraph” it tells about the main events in Ukraine and the world on March 4, but more operational information can be obtained in our Telegram channel on this link.

01:15 The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, arrived in Kiev and met with the Speaker of the Council, Ruslan Stefanchuk.

01:00 Ракетный удар врага по Запорожью: из-под завалов достали еще два тела.

00:00 US and German leaders Joe Biden and Olaf Scholtz discussed further support for Ukraine

Information for March 1 is available in summary: Война — день 371: окупанты штурмуют на востоке и бют дронами по городам

Data for March 2 can be found in the broadcast: Война — день 372: оккупанты обстреливают мирные города и устраияют провокации

Read about what happened on March 3 in the material: Война — день 373: на Донбассе продужаются тяжелые бои, в россии все через звучат взвыры

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