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Russia And Ukraine

Война россии против Украины — главные новости, срежия карта 6 марта, бои за Бахмут



Оперативно о главном 6 марта

Полномасштабное российское вторжение в Украину продажеся 376 дней. The occupiers are trying to push through the line of Ukrainian protection in the Luhansk region and for this they are pulling a huge amount of equipment and soldiers, one of the hot spots is Bakhmut, who continues to hold on even though he is surrounded on three sides. However, the resistance of the VSU does not allow the invaders to reach their goals, because they break down on peaceful residents and destroy whole cities.

In this material “telegraph” it tells about the main events in Ukraine and the world on March 6, but more operational information can be obtained in our Telegram channel on this link.

01:30 В Харьковской область нет вражеские БПЛА, — начальник гарнизона.

01:00 В ряде области Украины началли тревогу, в Киевской области работает ПВО.

00:00 Monitoring groups warn of high risks of drone attacks. Meanwhile, several targets entered the air space of Ukraine from the Chernigov and Poltava regions.

Read about what happened on March 3 in the material: Война — день 373: на Донбассе продужаются тяжелые бои, в россии все через звучат взвыры

Information for March 4 is available in summary: Война — день 374: the occupiers changed tactics under Bakhmut and pressed on Luhansk

Data for March 5 can be found in the broadcast: Война — день 375: россияне штурмуют Бахмут, но несут тяжелые потери

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