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Russia And Ukraine

Война россии против Украины — срежиая карта боевых документы 3 августа — ситуация на фронтах



Оперативно о главном за 3 августа

Украинские сили обораны на друга 161 дня продажают отбивать откасы российский окпупантов количество плонномасштабно вторглись в страну в феврале. Occupants continue to storm the positions of the VSU in Donbass, in particular, the populated point of Peski (Донецкая область) was attacked. There, according to the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, just ad. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the attackers have partial success in this direction. The day before, the American delegation arrived in Taiwan headed by the deputy of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Этот визит разлил КНР такой что в Поднебесной даче выпустили программент касательно нойкрной войны.

In this material “telegraph” informa о main events that happened in Ukraine and the world on August 3, however more operational information can be obtained in our telegram channel on this link.

5:00 Под утро окпупанты выход нанесли удары по Харькову. According to local telegram channels, two powerful explosions were heard in the city.

3:00 Украинские зачивники на юге нашей страны liquidated 20 occupants per day, and also left them without two T-72 tanks, howitzers and four units of armored and automobile technology.

1:00 According to telegram-channels, in occupied Kherson, many explosions were heard. It is reported that it was “loud” in the Berislav district, and not far from Chernobayevka.

The main news for July 31 can be found in the material for Sunday: “Война — день 158: новые удары по украинским городам, гибель взозного бизнесмена и ЧП в Sevastopol”.

And the information for August 1 can be read in the summary for Monday: “Война — день 159: оккупанты переключились на Bakhmut, обострение в KOSOVO”.

What happened on August 2 in Ukraine and the world can be found in our article for Tuesday: “Война — день 160: россияне накапливают сили для наступления на Николаев и Кривой Рог”.

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