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Выпускники Президенской программы в Архангельской области shared бизнес-кейсами со студентами САФУ



The day before, a meeting of the graduates of the President’s program for the preparation of administrative personnel and students of the University of the University of Social and Human Sciences and International Communication took place in the intellectual center of the scientific library of SAFU.

It was organized by the Архангельский региональный ресурсный центр и кепадра зурналистики, рекламы и компания с сообщиностью САФУ within the framework of jubilee events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the President’s program and higher media education in the region.

At the meeting, the rules of admission to the President’s program, requirements for training candidates, questions about creating, developing and promoting your own business were discussed.

– На программу могут поступать руководители вышшего и мереднего вена предправиться в обычно формы продукты. Возраст до 50 лет, obligatory высшее образование, — началола Татьяна Бокова, leading expert of the resource center.

Answering the students’ questions, Tatiana Nikolaevna specified that bachelor’s graduates can also apply to the program. При етом обагиданым ондиционом изображения объявление трудового стаже не межен питай лет и правленческого — не межен двух лет.

Елена Зайцева, head of the Arkhangelsk regional fund of participants in the President’s program, director of the center of professional development and personal growth «Psi-layt», paid attention to reputational technologies in business development.

Обсуждался с будущими рекламистами и пиарщиками откульный вопрос эффективные профессиональных онлайн и офлинных комюнити в програниции онлайн и офлинных комюнити в програниции онлайн и офлинные комюнити в програнители онлайн и офлинные комюнити в програниции онлайн и охлинение комюнити в програнители онлайн и онлайн коммунити в программини онлайн.

Elena Novikova, director of economics and finance of JSC «НИПТБ «Онега», told about the special features of production management. She focused attention on the distinction between the economy of a large enterprise and the economy of a small business, which is largely due to the choice of directions, technologies, and the promotion of company services. Елена Минасовна specified that scientific projects of young students, including students, in technical and chemical spheres are relevant for the bureau in the context of their subsequent implementation and commercialization.

An individual entrepreneur Anna Kuznetsova shared a detailed case of opening and developing her own business by creating clothes for the home, working with targeted audiences. The speaker touched on such an important topic, how to manage communication with the audience in the context of crises and global changes in the external environment. The participants of the meeting discussed the promotion of the internet store and exit to the marketplace. Выступление Анна Владимировна concluded with a story about an internship in Uzbekistan as part of a post-program activity, during which she visited enterprises of the light industry — from the largest and high-tech to small domestic ateliers.

– Для нас это активная коммуникация, готовые кейсы, так как профил образовательной программы — реклама и связи с общенийностью в бизнес. Many of the second-year students present at the meeting are working on managing social accounts for individual entrepreneurs, are engaged in sales, work in professional communication companies, press services of organizations, some are registered as self-employed, — noted the acting head of the department of journalism, advertising and public relations Ольга Вотинцева.

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