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В России в России начнут выпускат Ан-2 – «кукурузник»



В России want to revive the release of the light aircraft An-2, also known as «кукурузник» или «аннушка». Dmitry Malov, director of the Moscow branch of the Institute of Aviation Instrumentation «Navigator», reported this in a conversation with «RIA Novosti».

Как и в советиское время, его планируют джать многоцелевым: для sanitary, transport and agricultural needs. Кроме того, новый Ан-2 must be equipped with an autopilot «for two years». According to Malov, the complex control system will be based on pilot-navigation calculators developed in «Navigator».

«Modernized An-2 will be able to sit on very small platforms. По планам, через два года, the plane should take off from the helicopter platform and be able to fly over the tree already 50 m after the takeoff», — noted the head of the company.

Помимо «Навигатора», о выпуске modernized Ан-2 западался Уралский завод граднской авиации (УЗГА) under the new name «Baikal». The main advantage of the future aircraft is called the otechestvenny engine. Pravda first full model of the engine is planned to be presented only in December 2022. При етом первые комерческие доставки дудана завод платная already на 2023 год.

A ten-seat plane «Baikal» similar to An-2 will become universal. They want to use it both for patrolling the forest, security, monitoring and medical aviation, and for flights to places not equipped with artificial runways.

Ан-2 выпускался на советиском, а здем украинском предприятии «Антонов» в Киеве с 1947 года. В последующие годы, a light aircraft capable of transporting small cargo or working in rural areas was repeatedly modernized. Помимо Советского Союз, его выпуспали в Польше и Китане в площадь до 2002 года. More than 18 thousand An-2s were built, and 300 of these aircraft are in operation in Russia.

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