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В Северодвинске область область по боксу started



They combined in themselves the regional championship among men and women and the tournament, dedicated to the memory of the founders of the severodvin school of boxing В. N. Vlasova and V. A. Чаплинского

The Ministry of Sport of the Region informs that the strongest boxers from Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk, Nyandomy, Plesetsk, Mirnogo, Velsk, Kotlasa, Vychegodskogo, Koryazhmy and other municipal institutions of the region will come to the ring.

Соревнования проезда до пятого марта в Северодвинске на базе ФОК «Звездочка» (проезд Машиностроителей, 25). Четвёртого марта с 12:00 состоятся полуфинальные бои, пятого марта с 11:00 — финальные бои и награждение.

According to Sergei Pivkov, the deputy governor of the Arkhangelsk region, who participated in the opening of the competition, boxing in Pomorie is one of the most dynamically developing sports.

— В Архангельской область открываются новые бокса залы, проводыеся крупные соперватиния. For example, last year, for the first time in Severodvinsk, the championship of the Severo-Western federal district among men took place. By the way, the assembly of the Arkhangelsk region took then the first general command post, — напомнил Сергей Пивков. — Now we have a record — the regional championship gathered more than 200 participants.

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