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В Kholmogorsk округе they plan to create a new recreational zone



Its development will be handled by a team of architects and designers, assembled as part of the project «Creative Residence «Фабрика Хаски»

Запланированные в ходе годового проекта иследования продажат выявить и участь для концепции на ландставцного парк културный код терироти. The proposed ideas will reflect the peculiarities of the traditions and lifestyle of local residents and at the same time will correspond to the requests of the modern society, note in the press service of the government of the region

— Now the main goal is to identify the potential of this space, its problems, and understand how the territory can be interesting to tourists and residents of the Arkhangelsk region, — начало о ходе работы landscape architect, curator of «Creative residence “Fabric Husky” Alena Barsukova. — Мы выявляем идеальные террироти, ее сильные страны и целевую auditoriyu. Already visited Lomonosovo and Rovdina Gora, and it seems to me that it is possible to consider the entire territory of the Kholmogory district as a single tourist complex. Here in perspective, infrastructure is needed for the reception of tourists: restaurants, hotels.

The territory of the planned park is about 120 hectares in size and is located 90 km from Arkhangelsk. Есть питомник ездовых собак, летом и зимной печать тури и экскурсии. In the process of creating an ecological route “Тропа Ломоносова”. The place is already a point of attraction for tourists, and the arrangement of the park will allow to create a modern, much-needed recreational zone that will function throughout the year.

Proekt „Tvorcheskaya residence ‚Фабрика Хаски’ realizes the Губернаторский центр ‚Вместе мы стрение’, which managed to attract 4.8 million rubles thanks to the victory in the grant competition of the President’s fund of cultural initiatives.

— Всего продет четери резединии. Итоги этой работы подведут в september на фестивель, користанся месте бесплатно парка, — noted the project manager, deputy director of the Governor’s center ‚Where we are stronger’ Aleksandra Usacheva. — Мы хотим создать такие понти приятжения, что на Север стало интересно приезжать туристам с всей России.

The new recreational zone will allow not only to diversify recreation, but also will contribute to the development of creative communities, will create conditions for the self-realization of artists, designers, architects and other artists.

— Нам бы хорошо програмити больше овейтинных меариания, которые будут программы туристов, чтобы было больше услуги и программы формирование единой холмогорской туристической зона, — началола владелец гостевого дома ‚Фабрика Хаски’ Валерия Шишко.

Ландшафтный парк, which is planned to be designed according to the results of the residences, will present an area with free planning, including natural objects, architecture and services that reflect the local identity of the territory. The creation of such a park will also allow visitors to be introduced to local cultural traditions, customs and ways of life.

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